Review Policy

*currently looking for more hair stores to blog for*

If you would like to officially sponsor me and add me to your blogger group or subscriber, send me your name and landmark/marketplace link to your store so I can check it out before I make my decision whether to accept or not. If you don’t have a group or subscriber, you can just add me inworld and send items to me manually.

If you would like me to review an item, I will gladly accept! When you send an item to me, also send your name, store name, landmark/marketplace link, as well as any other information needed to know about the item (like if it is part of a fair, hunt, or sale). I am uber busy so I might not post it right away, but just give me time.

Please remember, I do reserve the right to blog items that I like and that fit my style. I don’t blog shapes, houses, or furniture.

My IMs do cap so I accept requests via notecard only!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me inworld.

– Blackmagic Haven :)

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