Carry On

Skin: Essences – Qopi -@ The Wizarding Fair!!-
Hair: !lamb – The Big Doll House
Top: [:P:] – Ayana Tops -NEW!!-
Pants: [R3] – Mckenzie -NEW!!-
Shoes: A&Y – Duez Boots
Tattoo: *Milk* – My Lace Sleeve -NEW!!-
Make-up: [:P:] – Foxxe -@ Body Mod Expo!!-
Implant: {Zombie Suicide} – Brass Knuckles Chest Implant -@ Body Mod Expo!!-
Rings: …::: Scrub :::… – Raus Rings -NEW!!-
Bow: .Pekka. – Halloween Bows -@ Mes Brics A Bracs!!-
Nose Bleed: Lovely Dissaray – Vital Hostility -@ Body Mod Expo!!-
Eyeshadows: Lovely Dissaray – Dead of Night -@ Body Mod Expo!!-
Nose Piercing: .Pekka. – Crunchy Piercing -@ Body Mod Expo!!-
Piercing: .Pekka. – Wink Piercing -@ Body Mod Expo!!-


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